Saturday, August 9, 2014


Hi Folks,
I hoped to have more definitive, and maybe even more positive, information before updating you, but that has not happened.  First of all, the trespass warning/eviction notices to the campers along the west side of 39th Avenue were instigated and delivered by employees of Taccachale.  The Alachua County Sheriff’s Department had nothing to do with it, nor did any other local law enforcement people.  The homeless campers were quite convinced that they had been served by deputies.  Perhaps Taccachale employees wear green uniforms.  I don’t think any of us realized that private citizens can carry out trespass warnings and evictions.  Live and learn.  Since this event an attempt has been made to convince Taccachale to reverse their position, but they are adamant. 
Also, another group of campers had to move their tents at the request of the administration of the Work Release Program that is located near Grace.  This was not carried out as a formal eviction process.  Rather, Jon Decarmine helped people relocate.  There is now a shortage of wooded areas for people to camp, and people cannot camp under the blazing sun with no shade and no privacy.  That would be hazardous to their health both physical and mental. 
So, our Brave New World has been NIMBYED.  The City of Gainesville is going to have to arrange to buy or lease some wooded areas where people can camp. 
I am so sorry not to have better news to share with you.

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