Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Home Van

Seven years ago today, on September 26, 2002, the Home Van went on its first driveout. Below I have reprinted the poem I wrote for our first birthday. Politically, nothing much has changed - the discussions go on and on and on.... Although we would love to be put out of business by a great tidal wave of compassion and justice sweeping across the land, we continue to be blessed by this work.

One year later, “the homeless,”

discussed like a herd of unruly cows,

to be moved to a new pasture,

for municipal convenience,

scatter across our less-blinded vision

until we see

Opie 12-stepping through the woods,

Otis, silent, like a Sufi saint,

Marcus, who loves sardines,

Arthur cursing the government,

Candy raising rats in her car,

Eric studying beetles in the woods,

Ellen taking a bath out of a plastic pail,

George, whose clothes always look like they’ve

just been ironed,

Jerry, the leader of his tribe,

Charlie, of tattered magnificence,

Pete, his new hat decorated with feathers and

Spanish moss,

Bulldog and Blaze propping each other up

while they enjoy a concert in the park,

Denise and Victoria sleeping in their car on winter nights,

Charles yelling, “I want a pen and notebook. Do you

think I’m stupid?”

Renatta eating canned fruit,

Donna in her scarlet dress dancing on the downtown plaza,

Ed tipping his hat as he says,

“Pray for me. I need a miracle.”

Robert the vegan refusing new shoes

because he’s finally found a job -

for all these, not cows, people,

and many more,

Creator we thank you,

as we find our souls waiting for us

along the path to South Camp,

just off Williston Road,

standing in Lynch Park,

patiently wanting to help us

find our way home.

Arupa Chiarini Freeman

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Parathereon said...

From a little boy who used to think that everyone grew up to be happy and loved; who became a man struggling to be heard.

Now raising a daughter who wants to feed the world and bring more love to everyone.

I bring righteousness and joy, not despite the cold heartlessness of the world, but because of it!